Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beaufort Street Merchant

it's been ages since I've written on here, SORRY!!
life catches up on you hey....
but I promised Ash, the barista from the Beaufort St Merchant, that I would write about his coffee.

He is a lovely, talented young man, who (I've noticed) also expects art in the coffee. This is good, I think.
The coffee that he makes is consistently good. Not FREAKING AMAZING, but it's good. And i appreciate that he consistently makes it well.
I would definitely recommend this place.
also because of table service :) and good food.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

south west WA cafes

so, having been down south this week, obviously I've tried out a few of the cafes there...

firstly, Yallingup Roasting House or whatever it's called. It's in Dunsborough! not yallingup! :P
but anyway... everyone RAVES about this place. I've been here a few times. the staff aren't rude, they're just not friendly. the coffee is SUPPOSED to be the best in Dunsborough, but frankly the past three or four times i've visited, desperately wanting to redeem their reputation with me, i have been disappointed. bad coffee makes me cry. and trust me, ive been close to tears when ive been there. so yeah. but the coffee's not horrible, just doesn't warrant the great rep it's got. i found it pallatable. but its too bitter.
however, they have gluten free food! and they like froth, which i also do :)

next place is my favourite in Dunsborough, Tealicious. as the name suggests, i'm pretty sure they do awesome tea. i know they have a massive range. however, because i am not a tea drinker but reputation, i havent had their tea and i wont comment. except that my mum LOVES the licorice tea i bought her from there :) so the people here are SO NICE. and they have no eftpos minimum, which makes me happy :) the coffee isn't anything like Hush, Epic or Spring, but the service makes it worthwhile! tasted a little bit like plunger coffee, and definitely not enough froth, if there was ANY. but it tasted nice, the beans were good. and the service was great. and if you're ever at tealicious- buy the eggs benedict turkish bread- SO GOOD!!!!

next on the list is Chocolatte. bad coffee. don't go there. but they have candy :) so do go there :P
yeah... they do nice-looking smoothies too. and are open earlier than other places hahaha

then there's Dome in Dunsborough. what can i say? it's the Dome. friend had a bad experience with his long mac. my flat white wasn't horrible. but i dont have standards when it comes to Dome. for obvious reasons. had some chips there tho. they were nice :) and their chiller thingos :)

ok, now to my absolute FAVOURITE cafe in the SouthWest- More Cafe.
YOU MUST GO THERE NOW! i dont care that it's BUSSELTON! lol. it's seriously great. the Barista there (a really nice girl) is passionate about coffee, good coffee. which makes a large amount of difference yes? they also use bannister downs milk (also makes a big difference). coffee was consistently great. and aforementioned friend got a great long mac exactly the way he likes it- and no, i cant remember how he likes it... something like traditional with a little bit of extra crem...) but the food here is great also. the coffee's like nicely a little bit automatically sweet. SO GOOD!!! i love it! also their frappes are great.

also- one of the people down south with me brought his coffee machine. and made me a REALLY nice coffee- big ups to Matt :)
it was possibly a little too strong for my liking. but not bitter, not overly sweet. i liked it :)
and i like people who understand coffee, which matt does :)

peace out

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Blog for Jamie

first of all CANNOT believe that one ego can be stroked THIS MUCH!
*here's an idea: maybe there's a few other little tiny men inside of him that he's got their egos too!! :P

anyway, as briefly mentioned before, at Hush there are LOTS of lovely people.
the second most (actually... make that THIRD most) lovely person at Hush is Jamie- one of the baristas...
however, i promised to do an entire post about him, so here goes :P

Jamie is lovely. possibly the reason i go to this coffee shop SO MUCH- because he really does make good coffee.
and he puts pretty pictures in the coffee too.
the coffee is ALWAYS at a good temperature when he makes it- never cold, never TOO hot- he's got the temperature in the GOOD nook of temperature range...

i'm hoping he will teach me how to make pretty pictures :)
so- Jamie's coffee-making skills are many and varied. He is the Hush-master :)
peace xx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MOOBA- subiaco

wow- another good experience.
i follow this place on twitter (their name is @mooba). and they are always making stuff that sounds AMAZING.
so i was like, i'll check it out...
and it was pretty damn good.
the coffee when i got there was really nice (although there is a bit of a wait). and the person who runs their twitter acct had been like 'come visit me in the kitchen when u get here'. so i did. (her name is hannah, btw, and she's LOVELY)
and then their wireless was broken, so she brought me out their internet dongle so i could study. which was above and beyond the call of duty!
so ive had a great time so far.
then i see all this AMAZING looking food come out! whoa! it looked GREAT!
and then, after about an hour, i was still there just studying and out comes Hannah over to my table with a brownie on a plate and says "i thought you might like to try a brownie"
FLIP- good service aye!
so (obviously) im updating my twitter as we go- and im getting retweeted with tweets about the good service, and obviously it's true.
oh ps, the brownie was GREAT! as i am gluten free i couldnt resist a nibble and then took the rest to my friend, who told me how amazing it was. haha

so- i brought a friend back. about a week or so later. this time we had our coffee in cups (last time i had in a take away cup coz i wanted a HUGE coffee). the lights are cool in this place.
the chairs were comfy. and the art was good.
also the coffee was nice :)
defs recommend this place.
The lights :)

Hush Espresso Bar (again)

so, I go here on a fairly regular basis, and think the people that work here are pretty awesome. Thus, they must get their own post.
this is one of those coffee shops where i say
if you haven't already been here, GO THERE- NOW!!!!!

Hush espresso is actually (IMHO) the best coffee shop in freo (at least).
the people who work here, are great. they're good fun and really friendly.
the coffee is PRETTY good ;) JOKES- its freaking nice aye!! i have to say ONE thing tho... the coffee is always good. however, there are two people who make it better than the rest (again, IMHO) :)
food here is great! however, not many gluten free options. but who cares? hahah wait... i do, being gluten free and all :P but they made me a salad one day when i walked in and they didnt have any gluten free food. and it was an AWESOME salad.
came here for breakfast on my birthday a week and a bit ago- the food was great :) mum's was a little cold and they didnt have any salmon. but when it came back she said it was great. both parents also impressed with prompt service, etc.
the art is awesome in the coffee btw too.

(yes, Jamie, your iPhone 4 camera is better than my iPhone 3GS camera...)
yesterday when i walked in for the third time, one of the baristas made the coffee part of my coffee and goes "here, pour your milk, we'll see what u can make". scariest moment of my life! well, not quite... but i need to learn how to pour :)
one more quick note: i appreciate that they EXPECT art. it's part of the coffee. this is how the world should be.

and i will say it again-
if you haven't been here- GO.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Epic Espresso

so this blog needs a disclaimer- Epic holds a special place in my heart. i am a loyal customer (not terribly regular, but loyal nonetheless) so thru its ups and downs i still come back.
my lovely friend Gabe works here. he is so nice, and awesome. and makes good coffee, the way its supposed to be.
here's the art he put in our coffees :D
i was impressed :) so clear, and pretty. my flat white was nice. had the signature epic taste to it :)
im glad the quality of this place has improved again. and the atmosphere is nice :) service is great.
i really cant complain about my experience today :)

also went to Moore and Moore who also have one in busselton that ive been to which was great.
my best friend goes here every monday on her uni break coz its literally across the road from her uni- oh the joys of going to uni in freo!!! so i came along. and it is nicely priced- $4.30 for a large flat white.
i like places that dont break the bank.
now, when i stirred up my coffee (LACK OF ART HERE MUST BE NOTED) and licked the spoon, it had a very bitter taste. which made me not have expectations because i hate bitter coffee, and there was no art :(
but they use Fiori beans. and thankfully the coffee was actually REALLY good! i recommend this place. food looked nice too :)
will defs be going back.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

it's been a while

i have not written on my blog for so long.
so many cafe, so little time!
i will be short and sweet... wait, i am ;)
oh dear my bad- sorry bout the lame humour :D

so, first of all... where to start... I know!
hush espresso in Fremantle. given that ive jsut started working in fremantle, i needed to find a good spot close to work. this has done the trick. recently opened, the coffee has NEVER disappointed me. except for the time when i walked in- sick as anything and having to work- and they had NO COFFEE. booo.
but GREAT atmosphere, lovely coffee, and the croissants are great there too.
Hush Espresso on Urbanspoon

have also checked out Cranked in Leederville. i have a small bias to this cafe because in it works Leo- the reason i am addicted to coffee. and yes, he's fully aware that this is the case. He used to work at Blax in Subi when i worked in Subi also, and would bring me coffee/ give me coffee. the nicest id ever had. therein began a blossoming relationship i have with coffee. Leo makes lovely coffee, and is a lovely guy. so yeah :)
one thing i must say that i also like about this cafe is the fact that they do table service- not many good cafes will take your order at the table. i appreciated this also :) although i havent eaten or had table service there lol.

also on my list of cafes ive been to is Sayers in Leederville. i love this place because theyre open early on a sunday morning and the coffee is GREAT. consistently good. great food here too- ive had breakfast here once, was really nice. and a different take on traditional cooked breakfast. also, their cakes look DEVINE.

next: tiger tiger- went in there expecting to get bad service, coz that's what i'd heard.
the service wasnt SHOCKING but it wasnt great. got two take away flat whites. were nice. i enjoyed them. they use Fiori i believe. it was too hot to sit inside tho. didnt matter, dad and i were on our way to the APPLE STORE.
where they recommended we try:
velvet espresso which i tried with my nana just the other day. the coffee was nice. ambience wasnt amazing, the guy who served me was rather arrogant. but the coffee was nice- too weak i believe i commented on twitter whist drinking it. nice japanese beside it tho :P

last two on my list:
gloria jeans in fremantle. i dont want to say bad things about this (other than what i already implied in the name) because i know the girl who's the barista here because i went to school with here and shes one of the finalists in the gloria jeans barista championships. but you can tell the quality (or rather lack thereof) by the fact that they have their own barista championships lol. yeah. so the coffee wasnt great. but the service wasnt bad.

next: exomod
again. this place is shocking. NEVER go here if you can avoid it. the decor is nice. its open late. but the coffee is BAD. my best friend had a hot chocolate- also bad. we shared a canneloni- well, i got worried because canneloni is italian and the place is run by asians.
enough said.

hope you havent missed me :P